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Today, no one is surprised by the presence of almost any pet. Terrariums, aviaries and cages with wild animals can afford a well-off lovers of exotic and interesting folk lovers of wildlife. The only difference is in the size of the population and the willingness to contain.

In the past few years, actual direction was poultry, and more interested in the whole variety of the largest bird on earth - the ostrich. About beauty and strangeness of these birds do not need to remind you once again, so the novice farmers or small private sector looking for opportunities to buy an ostrich, and then try to breed it in captivity or simply make a landmark of its own nursery.


Who can help solve this problem


Of course, it is possible to shovel huge amounts of information, visit hundreds of forums, buy a whole pile of books and magazines, but nothing it can not be compared with the experience possessed by workers ostrich farms. Here are selected by years:

  • optimal diet;

  • conditions of detention;

  • especially education;

  • breeding cycles.

That's why a lot easier to get all the information here. South Strauss offers free advice from the moment of purchase of eggs until the last day of an adult. For buyers it is an advantageous offer for several reasons:

  1. You have the opportunity to start their own breeding ostriches in accordance with all the sanitary standards with minimal risk.

  2. Prepare to be transported in a special container;

  3. A very high percentage of survival of chicks.

  4. Significant savings of time and money on the animal's adaptation to your environment;

  5. Almost no restrictions on the number of individuals with the purchase.

As you can see, there are all the prerequisites for co-operation is our farm, especially when it comes to rearing poultry in nearby regions. Experts tell what might wait ahead, and how to avoid problems during the whole period. With us easier! With us cheaply!

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