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from 7 to 14 - 50 UAH / person
Adult from 14 years - 100 UAH
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Strauss-South is famous for its population of black African ostrich, as well as several other exotic species of large birds. it is possible not only to keep a stable population, but also to sell young ostrich to everyone, as well as small private farms. This allows you to effortlessly for buyers to start their own business or simply get a unique pet.


Cultivation ostrich chicks

For us, there is nothing complicated about to help get acquainted with the methods of the initial content, as well as follow-up to this process of growing a large bird. Bought live poultry requires some specific know, especially those that directly affect the growth rate, as well as normal development:


climatic conditions;

seasonal changes in behavior;

especially maturation and puberty;

breeding methods;

training and schooling to aviary content.

We passed these steps countless times, as evidenced by the size of our farm. If you have been looking for a place where you can buy ostrich, the best option is simply not to find. Years of experience and continuous improvement of cultivation technologies allow us to occupy a leading position in the market.

Clarify all the details you can contact phone number listed on the site. Treat!

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