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   Today, ostrich leather is considered more valuable product than the skin of a crocodile, snake and elephant, because it has the highest quality, flexibility, more resistant to water.

   It is very smooth and it displaces crocodile skin of market leadership, that is a luxury item.


   Modern methods of processing products allow the skin to give the skin almost any desired characteristics. Although presented views obtained from the ostrich has less strength than other premium materials, ostrich leather is still growing steadily in the list of the greatest popularity among manufacturers of decorative accessories, shoes and even clothes.

Why choose African ostrich skin?

   The thing is that it has excellent hydrophobic properties. So it is ideal for high-quality handbags, wallets, and soft, comfortable shoes. In view of the finished product will be different of course, but less ornate look, too, will not. On the contrary, when you visit a dinner party are nothing new boots crocodile or snakeskin, but the handbag from ostrich leather for sure will attract a lot of attention.

   The benefit to the manufacturer's quite obvious - lower maintenance cost, high speed and produce large amounts of lower production cost, and the value of the final product is often an order of magnitude lower, but at the same time the buyer receives excellent quality and durability. Orders of large and medium-sized batches can be made by phone or by visiting the main office. We look forward to collaborating.

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