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Ostrich feathers are undoubtedly one of the most amazing and beautiful creations of nature. Despite the seeming fragility of the feathers are extremely durable. Although they are similar, at the same time infinitely raznoobrazny.Oni embody something that people have always sought: a flight and beauty.


Where use feathers and what is their value

In many cultures, it symbolizes the lightness of a feather, flight, liberation from the shackles and purity. This is not surprising, because this natural material known since time immemorial. Chinese charms, such as "Dreamcatcher" may also include coarse and soft ostrich feathers, endowing its owner a sense of truth and justice. Perhaps this is because 90% of the total cover of the African ostrich have identical sizes and slightly different color.

Strength and flexibility allows feathers are virtually silent, and most importantly lightweight and durable vane. Especially appreciate such a product film and theater decorators for beautiful, luxurious appearance. It was with ostrich feather decorations adorn the ancient lords and queens.

Strauss-South is willing to provide medium and large batches for the textile and furniture industries. Do not be difficult to buy high quality ostrich feather for any purpose. Typically, it takes several coarse processing stages, and the remaining clearance is on the buyer's discretion depending on the implementation methods. With great pleasure we try to meet all orders.

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