Ticket price

up to 7 years - free of charge
from 7 to 14 - 50 UAH / person
Adult from 14 years - 100 UAH
+38 (067)-799-67-92
+38 (067)-762-82-16
e-mail: straus@yug.net.ua


We offer a wide range of souvenirs made from ostrich production products (feathers, eggs). This gift is sure to come in handy to save the pleasant memories. Make a nice family - bring them something to remember.


Holidays, decorated with original toys

Christmas tree can be hung with light and at the same time quite strong carved balls. Variants of design so much as it allows you to make a fantasy. A little paint and imagination allow yourself even make crafts ostrich submissions lush feathers and eggshells.

Arriving at the farm, everyone can spend time the way he wants:


educational stories;

Feeding the birds;

familiarization with the records;


At the end of the day you can buy something interesting. The range is constantly updated and rarely laid out in the gallery. Souvenirs from the ostrich farm certainly will decorate Easter, New Year, Christmas, birthday. Even some of the wedding can not do without creative gifts. Surprise guests, leave yourself pleasant memories!

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