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up to 7 years - free of charge
from 7 to 14 - 50 UAH / person
Adult from 14 years - 100 UAH
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Their eggs, feathers and meat are highly valued around the world, despite the fact that care for livestock is not so engaged slozhno.My output large bird for a long time (to be precise - since 2002). During this time, we managed to try and choose the most modern methods, based on the technologies and experience of world experts.

We employ specialists of different fields of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, that allows to grow strong and healthy offspring. For residents and visitors are guided tours to the most interesting places, and believe me, look at what is.

Huge pens, extending to several hectares, domesticated birds, not afraid of people. They know exactly what visitors brought them something tasty and so willing to approach the fence.

Often visit places mark concerned the behavior of animals. Indeed, to the rangers and staff are already accustomed to, but the tourists, dressed in all the bright and light, beckon and attract.

On the site a lot of fun. Not only ostriches can attract curious minds of children. The guide will tell and show many interesting places, demonstrate how to live and develop livestock that is done every day and throughout the year for them.

Adults can also learn a lot of useful, it will be possible to assess the scale of the whole, the creative idea that could bring to life in a very short period of existence of the farm. Come, you will definitely enjoy it!

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