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   Ostrich meat low-calorie but rich in protein, which is completely absorbed by the body. Along with turkey meat is considered a dietary product, recommended for a healthy diet and nutrition. Not only products of animal origin can boast the same level of digestibility.


The useful ostrich meat

   Dietary product is considered (fillet contains 1.2% fat), it has a very low content of cholesterol (about 32 mg per 100 g) and high protein (22%). At 100 grams of meat contains:

  • about 22 mg of manganese;
  • 280 mg phosphorous;
  • 350 mg of potassium.
  • cooking Features

In Ukraine, ostrich meat is processed at:

  • fillet;
  • steaks;
  • roast beef;
  • dry cured;
  • sausages;
  • minced meat and industrial.

Most of the edible meat is taken from the pelvis.

   Most other types of such products a low fat content results in stiffness, and dryness. In this respect, ostrich meat is an exception - the fillet steak and the ostrich, when properly prepared extremely gentle on the palate. Fillet absorbs different spices, it can be used for cooking Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

   With its high gastronomic qualities, it is quite simple to prepare. However, there are some difficulties: it is necessary to closely monitor so as not to dry up, do not overdo the meat on the fire, keep it natural rich taste. Ostrich meat cooked on the grill and barbecue, added to salads, soups cook from it, and make stew and meatballs.

   It is not necessary to file complicated sauces and rich side dishes: the simpler, the better. Sauces made of red and white wine and broth, or wine and olive oil are generally considered among the best options for dishes from a large African bird. For garnish you can offer grilled vegetables, boiled potatoes, leafy salads. Although asparagus and wild mushrooms with meat, too, provide a very interesting mix of taste.

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